Financial Markets

This team offers financial market and economic intelligence services to traders, treasury professionals, buy-side and corporate executives.

The service is driven by a team of analysts with their fingers on the financial pulse, analysing key financial market, economic, and policy events in real-time, then distilling the information to be absorbed by the client at a frequency which suits them. The ETM team cuts through the noise and vagaries of the market, showing clients the most important factual developments and the strategic significance of these.

Clients are kept abreast of market sentiment and conditions. The information is presented in a short, easy to read, and strategy-driven format. This generates frequent coverage of the foreign exchange market, interest rate markets, commodities and general economic developments as they unfold on a global stage.

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Consulting and quantitative solutions

This team is focused squarely on why, what, how and where to from here.

Internal resources include economists, coders, data specialists, econometric modelers, analysts and investment professionals. This leads to a diverse and experienced team, that can offer solutions at a level that is often superior in skillset to internal teams and at a better price point. The company is uniquely positioned to service both domestic and international clients on a range of challenges from creating efficiencies in current processes, unlocking offshore capital, pricing specific deals or understanding interest rate, FX and commodity risks and what this means for the balance sheet.

Examples of case studies and the work done can be found on the home page under the consulting-solutions section.