@etmanalytics US Wilshire 5000 stock price index vs full-cap (reinvested dividends) index. The power of reinvested divis. http://t.co/1sQaN6iddL
@etmanalytics A look at SA's industrial slump. Core productive engines misfiring, & industrial policy making it worse. #nogrowth http://t.co/nbNVHgdJ0T
@etmanalytics Latest Stats SA land transport survey out today. http://t.co/FnAXlKZvzy Freight volume stagnant since 2011. #nogrowth http://t.co/21wvlZIYLq
@AdrianSaville From @etmanalytics: SA's growth regularly downgraded. Leaves yawning gap to 484-page target of 5.4% cc @CannonAssets http://t.co/3jOGv5n7vG
@JustinStanford +0.25%. Good call, @etmanalytics.
@JanavDeventer .@etmanalytics has a look at the SARB's 2014 GDP growth forecast through the course of the past year: http://t.co/uubXebnvUb
@ChinaBeigeBook Chinese Economy in 'Broad Deceleration': Miller http://t.co/AzbdAWsPQP
@RussLamberti The former has negligible impact on CPI. The latter places y/y US CPI at 3.6% and creates large LT compound disparity (40% over 30yrs) (2/2)
@RussLamberti Billion Prices shows either a 1.5 pct point or a 0.85x under-reporting of CPI over 6yrs. (1/2)
@etmanalytics Is US CPI inflation biased lower? Billion Prices Project data suggests over time it might be. http://t.co/CXLG91KO6D http://t.co/XzZ4ND2unk


ETM Real Time  |  etmrealtime.com

ETM REAL TIME provides up-to-the-minute financial market and economic intelligence

We help clients interpret information to make better trading decisions

Key Features of ETM REAL TIME

  • Trading Strategies:
    • - Currency/ Fixed Income/ Derivatives
  • Flash Analysis of Economic Data
  • Market Rumours and Trader Sentiment
  • Politics and Policy Analysis
  • Morning Reports


South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, G4


  • Institutional/Corporate Treasurers
  • Proprietary Traders
  • Brokers and Dealers
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ETM Investment Strategy  |  etmstrategy.com 

ETM Investment Strategy provides business cycle and long term capital growth advice

We help clients formulate strategy to make better asset and regional capital allocation decisions

Key Features of ETM Investment Strategy

Business Cycle Strategy

  • Inflation and Currency Strategy
  • Interest Rate Strategy
  • Trends and Scenario Analysis
  • Face-to-Face Strategy Sessions
  • Reports
Economic Indicator/Index Construction
  • Bespoke construction and maintenance of economic/market indices
  • Indices we constructed and currently maintain include:
  • TransUnion Consumer Credit Index
  • Momentum Investor Confidence Index
  • Africa Opportunity Index

Africa Advisory

  • Country Assessments based on the Opportunity Index Framework
  • Quarterly Economic Updates
  • Bespoke Consulting Services


South Africa, BRICs, major EMs, G4, sub Saharan Africa


  • Asset Managers
  • Corporate Executives
  • Public and Private Policy Makers
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Book members of the ETM Analytics senior strategy team to provide financial and economic insights to your company or your clients, or at a conference.  Presentations can be arranged on an ad hoc basis, or set-up as regular events quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
We specialise in macroeconomic, financial market, and business cycle strategy, as well as sectoral analysis for companies within a specific sector or to industry groups.  Our experience in presenting to a wide array of clients means we are able to pitch our presentations appropriately to suit the audience.
We have experience presenting and giving keynote addresses at a conferences and seminars or covering special events such as the National Budget, as well as assisting companies with internal strategy sessions and AGMs.  
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Branded Economic Reports

ETM Analytics also offers ‘white-labelled’ market and economic reports to clients for own-branding purposes via the ETM REAL TIME service.  ETM-sourced financial market and economic reports can be distributed via email to your client base daily, weekly or quarterly while retaining exclusively your own corporate branding.  Let us provide the research and analytical power behind your brand power.
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Branded reports can be tailored to include any of the following:

Morning Reports

  • Events calendar
  • Mkt Factors to Watch
  • ZAR/Fixed Income Insight
  • US/Europe/Japan Insight
  • Daily Oil Insight

Economic Research

  • Thematic analysis
  • Prices & Production
  • Money & Credit
  • Retail & Trade
  • Govt Finance & Reserves 
Currency analysis/commentary
  • Spot/Derivatives markets
  • Technical analysis
  • Weekly Rand Outlook

Bond analysis/commentary

  • Vanilla/Derivativesmarkets
  • Technical analysis
  • Weekly Bond Outlook

Intraday market analysis

  • Currency & bonds
  • Equities & commodities 
  • Policy, geopolitics & elections
  • Events & summits
  • Market rumours &trader talk
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Equity Market Commentary/Techs

The above tailored options can be obtained for South African, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian and G4 markets.
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