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our services

We help professional investors protect and grow asset wealth through the following boutique services:

ETM Investment Services
  Global macro research & advisory 

Real-time market analysis
  Financial market commentary & research

Data analytics
 Bespoke data solutions

etm insights

  • @etmanalytics Chart of the Week: Venezuela's Hyperinflation | Ever so slight divergence between the official and market exchange… https://t.co/R21G1nQbXt
  • @JohannBiermann1 Great piece by @RussLamberti on the SA economy. Read it here: https://t.co/BzITWpQzip https://t.co/zzGhL6pCRd
  • @etmanalytics Die K2 2017 Suid-Afrikiaanse Arbeidsmarkrapport: https://t.co/h7xrPxB9Wj met @solidariteit | Minder werkonsekerheid in K1 2017.
  • @etmanalytics **RELEASED TODAY**: The Q2 2017 South Africa Labour Market Report: https://t.co/iOS0OvwO1b with @solidariteit cc @George_Glynos
  • @RussLamberti SA vs world growth over 10-year periods as a compliment to this: https://t.co/s4g960CgyB https://t.co/a5B0H4UOmh
  • @etmanalytics Chart of the Week: SAfrica vs World: Real GDP Comparison | Two long periods of underperformance leave SA far behind. https://t.co/Kn4OIfBxIV
  • @RussLamberti I'm speaking on the SA economy at the @FMFSouthAfrica in late July. What would you most like to hear me talk about?
  • @etmanalytics Bonus Chart of the Week: South Africa real GDP | Current South Africa official recession vs 2014-2016 slumps. https://t.co/z5Ydo80J6u
  • @etmanalytics Chart of the Week: US Payrolls vs Unemployment | May '17 payrolls data reinforced divergence trend. Late cycle sign… https://t.co/uEjtxKkP8G
  • @TransUnionSA The #CCI climbed at its fastest pace in 2 years, from 49.7 to 52.4. A sign of improving consumer #credit health:… https://t.co/1aqfTtC3FO