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our services

We help professional investors protect and grow asset wealth through the following boutique services:

ETM Investment Services
  Global macro research & advisory 

Real-time market analysis
  Financial market commentary & research

Data analytics
 Bespoke data solutions

etm insights

  • @TransUnionSA Distressed borrowing increased by only 0.2%, attesting to improved credit management by lenders across the industry… https://t.co/ofJqTJBlRH
  • @TransUnionSA Household cash flow decreased further in Q4 2016 - down by 0,4% year-on-year. #CCI Download the full report today:… https://t.co/jYKf4ffLew
  • @etmanalytics Chart of the Week: China's Depleted Reserves | Back to late 90's levels as China leveraged against it's dollar asse… https://t.co/0YG6S4PQuP
  • @TransUnionSA The latest #CCI shows that 874,000 new consumer accounts are three months in arrears, 1.4% less than Q4 2015:… https://t.co/5rmSj8JaY5
  • @TransUnionSA A relatively stable #CCI through 2016 indicates that consumer credit health is neither improving nor deteriorating:… https://t.co/HMqfSW8vZJ
  • @TransUnionSA The Consumer Credit Index declined slightly to 49.6 in Q4 2016 from 50.3 the previous quarter. Get the report today… https://t.co/aSEcMLsuND
  • @etmanalytics Chart of the Week: TransUnion SA Consumer Credit Index | Credit markets consolidate in a tough macro environment.… https://t.co/efxhNa5aHP
  • @etmanalytics Chart of the Week: South Africa government debt:GDP ratio | Hard to shrink without a commodity boom. https://t.co/ppTkOv4lPE
  • @RonStoeferle Great chart showing stock markets monthly return distribution since 1972 compared to the normal curve. https://t.co/EXfkVVudE8
  • @RussLamberti My latest article, The Centrality of Say’s Law: https://t.co/f52r4o7GjN | Say’s Law is a gatekeeper of economic freedom and prosperity.