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We help professional investors protect and grow asset wealth through the following boutique services:

ETM Investment Services
  Global macro research & advisory 

Real-time market analysis
  Financial market commentary & research

Data analytics
 Bespoke data solutions

etm insights

  • @etmanalytics Don't miss our post-Brexit analysis at https://t.co/4fv5SD70rd. https://t.co/mym5mwSDrn https://t.co/ozXjaf6xGH
  • @Stratfor Prevailing wisdom says Britain would be worse off with a Brexit. That is far from certain. https://t.co/KaA2KHnsQc https://t.co/7JRHNC1ijb
  • @RussLamberti I argue Brexit is Britain's call option in the face of EU dysfunction and systemic risk. https://t.co/LK3pJgWwL3 https://t.co/FVwLgAJmKg
  • @etmanalytics Brexit: Britain's Call Option https://t.co/ohkReEBwbx | Our latest analysis at https://t.co/4fv5SD70rd.
  • @AxelMerk Once #Brexit vote is over, will some remember that markets might have been kind of expensive to begin with?
  • @JavierBlas2 CAPITULATION: #Nigeria to let market set #naira exchange rate (naira is fixed at 198 to USD, black market is at 350) https://t.co/h3w1YM0jbN
  • @RussLamberti And while these cancel out in the erroneous GDP accounting methodology, the take-home is trade volumes got pounded. https://t.co/rDhaExpHq7
  • @RussLamberti And fixed investment is looking ugly. https://t.co/ksCEHqLixi
  • @RussLamberti Much more interesting stories on the expenditure side of the SA Q1 GDP data. Household spending got hit by a bus. https://t.co/zCrdlBq8r1
  • @RussLamberti Why the big focus on PMI as US recession signal? 9 false signals in 11 business cycles (fall <50 from >55). https://t.co/P2r5RqYfFF