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our services

We help professional investors protect and grow asset wealth through the following boutique services:

ETM Investment Services
  Global macro research & advisory 

Real-time market analysis
  Financial market commentary & research

Data analytics
 Bespoke data solutions

etm insights

  • @boerikNYC Best graphical representation of economy that I have seen. Thank you @Stratfor and @etmanalytics. https://t.co/zMWhAjeW2s
  • @Stratfor In the long-standing battle btwn state and market the future of the U.S. dollar hangs in the balance. Read for free: https://t.co/Zal37xQUvn
  • @Stratfor China's debt has become the world's problem. Read more for https://t.co/oqQb0JhKJg FREE…
  • @Stratfor Stratfor Graphic: Dollar Liquidity Cycles https://t.co/O8r3vQg2m4 https://t.co/KEA0foMoxU
  • @Stratfor Dollar liquidity cycles can be glob ally destabilizing events, for they impact every corner of the world. Read more… https://t.co/YZd6T5dJUx
  • @Stratfor It is dangerous to treat the symptoms but not the disease of economic distress. https://t.co/ftoTwN6KB7 https://t.co/wax5jnVisQ
  • @HaslamPhilip Gripping reading from top economists @etmanalytics https://t.co/XgIrKUeDOm
  • @etmanalytics Prepare for a Transition: https://t.co/2TsyqglXwn transition | Final installment of our 5-part global macro series with @Stratfor.
  • @etmanalytics The Real Currency War: https://t.co/2hWVzmCd5P | Part 4 of our 5-part global macro series in collaboration with @Stratfor.
  • @etmanalytics "The veneer of Beijing's efficient, competent and formidable autocracy has fractured." https://t.co/vvTJZacYtW