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We sell investment advisory services to help clients protect and grow asset wealth. These services include :

Investment services
  Macro insights and advisory 

Real-time market analysis
  Financial market commentary and research

Data analytics
 Bespoke data solutions

etm insights

  • @etmanalytics "This has been the most anti-growth budget over the past 20 years." Chris Hart on the 2015 budget http://t.co/DZqjrWT3Vg
  • @George_Glynos One positive it is that ratings agencies are unlikely to downgrade on the back of this budget. SA more living within its means #Budget2015
  • @etmanalytics So, govt expenditure is growing in real terms by around 3-4% pa. So size of govt is inflating and our disp income deflating #Budget2015
  • @RussLamberti 1% tax hike better than the 4% tax hike rumour doing the rounds. Bad for growth but not a trainwreck.
  • @George_Glynos At least GDP growth now looks more realistic.....finally, reality sinks in. 2.0% growth through 2015 is more like it #Budget2015
  • @StatsSA #PPI Annual headline PPI drops to 5,8% in December from 6,5% in November #StatsSA http://t.co/UbTZmRawWc
  • @TransUnionSA The @TransUnionSA Consumer Credit Index (CCI) increased to 50.1 in Q4 2014 from 49.9 in Q3 http://t.co/9lSuWQlrlT
  • @michaelsderby Fed's Rosengren wants to avoid rate increase until inflation firms http://t.co/wMCMQcyUeb via @WSJecon
  • @RussLamberti Low volatility 'goldilocks' world of complacency is dead. Oil dying. Swiss franc flying. US shale story crying...yet bulls still buying!
  • @etmanalytics Two words: swiss franc