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We sell investment advisory services to help clients protect and grow asset wealth. These services include :

Investment services
  Macro insights and advisory 

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  Financial market commentary and research

Data analytics
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etm insights

  • @etmanalytics South African Q1 2015 Labour Market Index (page 4) http://t.co/3cMN3x89jU
  • @RussLamberti Colombia also managed to get unemployment down from ~20% to 10% in just 15yrs. #lessonsforsouthafrica
  • @RussLamberti Colombia an exciting investment prospect considering its size, institutional progress, investor protections, labour reforms, & geography.
  • @RussLamberti In last 10yrs SA's econ freedom stagnated while Colombia's soared. http://t.co/pMqlMRLjGZ | Colombia 5yr GDP gr avg 4.3% vs SA 1.9%. (2/2)
  • @RussLamberti SA vs Colombia a fascinating comparison. Both ~50m pax, same GDP & GDP/capita (mid income), former colonies, high Gini, high crime. (1/2)
  • @TransUnionSA With change comes opportunity. TU launches Credit Risk Score to the Rwandan market. #creditmanagement #opportunities http://t.co/jWQN8oHW1W
  • @etmanalytics Drop in BER consumer conf may also just reflect volatility around leading @TransUnionSA CCI up-trend (bottom chart). http://t.co/GfzcFtR5uS
  • @etmanalytics Big divergence btw #TransUnionCCI & BER survey suggests future perceptions worse than present financial reality. http://t.co/WMbs45afeH
  • @etmanalytics Today saw 2 ostensibly conflicting SA consumer barometer reports. Here is the comparison. cc @TransUnionSA @FNBSA http://t.co/JwQ4ufA6ko
  • @TransUnionSA The @TransUnionSA Consumer Credit Index (CCI) increased to 54.3 in Q1 2015 from 50.6 in Q4. http://t.co/Ikgt0VTtAl http://t.co/AxcwnykZ3q